Did you enjoy the sessions of the SAP Supply Chain Conference? But you want to deep dive into even more detail, and be able to ask all the questions on your mind to the presentors? Subscribe to one or more of these XL sessions. 90 minutes of in-depth information and extensive Q&A opportunities. The ideal occasion to get to the heart of the topic of your choice or to catch up on sessions you missed out during the conference.


Wednesday October 21 12.00 - 13.30 CEST


SAP DELIVER | Next Generation Retail at Elkjop – Deep Dive

Nordic retail giant Elkjøp operates based on a brick and mortar and online omni- channel model supported by state-of-the-art purchasing systems and efficient logistics. They have a clear SAP system strategy that includes digitalization with an end-to-end last-mile delivery supply chain management solution. In partnership with Westernacher Consulting and EINR, Elkjøp successfully built and rolled out a solution to their 36 stores in Denmark during COVID-19. The supply chain execution solution was developed by Westernacher, combining SAP TM, EWM, EM, three mobile applications, EDI and subsequently SAP’s Carrier Collaboration Portal. Following the successful go-lives, Elkjøp have attained best-in-class last-mile delivery with fully automatic home delivery planning and full visibility in tour execution for their employees and customers. The success will continue the roll out with aprox 400 stores and an extensive home distribution network in Norway, Sweden and Finland during 2021.

Thursday October 22 12.00 - 13.30 CEST


SAP, OLIVER WIGHT EMEA, HOWDENS & UPFIELD: How To Deliver The IBP Business case.

In this session, you will get clarity on what Integrated Business Planning actually is, how achievable the benefits are and finally, how you can take the first steps in implementing IBP for your organisation. In addition to this, Howdens share insights into their journey behind successfully delivering the IBP business case and how Upfield, who have already deployed SAP IBP, have been using the system to navigate the business during Covid-19.

Tuesday October 27 12.00 - 13.30 CEST


SAP INDUSTRY 4.NOW - MANUFACTURING | Starting Your Journey to Industry 4.0 Using SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Illustrate a number of use cases of SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (MII). See the benefits for plant managers, production supervisors and others. These real-life examples will help you understand how to implement Industry 4.0 initiatives.
- A transition from manual paper-based systems to real-time data acquisition
- Interactions with machine-level data to increase visibility and traceability
- The switch to an actual quantity consumption model

Wednesday October 28 12.00 - 13.30 CEST


SAP INTELLIGENT ASSET MANAGEMENT | Mobility, Intelligent Asset Management, and the Digital Core

The session will elaborate on how to digitalize asset management by building the Digital Twin that is seamlessly integrated between the new cloud-based SAP solution for asset management and S/4HANA being the Digital Core. Converting real-world data into valuable asset information and finally decisive knowledge provides asset managers and technicians with all they need to efficiently execute their job and convert unplanned breakdowns into planned maintenance events. SAP Asset Manager is the mobile solution to make this information available where needed in the field and ensure timely feedback and update in the backend systems. Freeport-McMoRan will be discussed as a successful customer case arriving at the paradigm of a Digital Workforce.

Thursday October 29 12.00 - 13.30 CEST


SAP IBP DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION | Accelerated SAP IBP design and implementation

Learn how to Orkla Foods Ingredients implemented SAP IBP as a cross-company planning platform, using accelerated blueprint, fast-to-impact principles and an efficient building block template approach. Learn how YOU can approach a SAP IBP project, and how and implementation can be done in just 90 days, covering
1) creating the business case,
2) utilizing Key Design Decisions using best practice,
3) sprint plan and
4) pre-defined industry specific building blocks


Tuesday November 3 12.00 - 13.30 CEST


SAP DELIVER | Take control of your transportation

1. Greenfield S/4HANA implementation at Baillie
2. Learn about Novigo’s Instant TM Acceleration package

Tuesday November 10 12.00 - 13.30 CEST


Design compliant labels in just a few clicks in SAP-PLM

LabelNow is the new SAP labeling solution. Addressing the growing consumer demand for transparency, it enables you to create and translate regulatory-compliant statements for both physical product communication and digital publishing content with just a few clicks.