Optimise and facilitate your intercompany collaboration. Optimize freight procurement for lower spending and monitor shipper- and trade-agreement compliance.

10:15 - Session 1: - ELKJOP: the Next Generation Retail for a new normal

Nordic retail giant Elkjøp operates based on a brick and mortar and online omni- channel model supported by state-of-the-art purchasing systems and efficient logistics. They have a clear SAP system strategy that includes digitalization with an end-to-end last-mile delivery supply chain management solution. In partnership with Westernacher Consulting and EINR, Elkjøp successfully built and rolled out a solution to their 36 stores in Denmark during COVID-19. The supply chain execution solution was developed by Westernacher, combining SAP TM, EWM, EM, three mobile applications, EDI and subsequently SAP’s Carrier Collaboration Portal. Following the successful go-lives, Elkjøp have attained best-in-class last-mile delivery with fully automatic home delivery planning and full visibility in tour execution for their employees and customers. The success will continue the roll out with aprox 400 stores and an extensive home distribution network in Norway, Sweden and Finland during 2021.


Westernacher & SAP

11:45 - Session 2 - BAILLIE LUMBER: Supply Chain resilience - Take Control of your Transportation: Greenfield S/4HANA implementation at Baillie

Consolidation over multiple Business Units 

End to End transportation with integration into S/4HANA CORE

Visibility with Map tracking and Embedded Analytics


Novigo & SAP

October 7, 10:00 - Deep dive session on SAP Supply Chain Logistics: Logistics in the intelligent enterprise

Intelligent Enterprises use the latest technologies to turn insight into action across the business – in real time. Logistics operations benefit greatly from this. To be able to turn insight into action across multiple disciplines, each discipline needs to be a team player.
An ERP helps you with order entry. A TMS with end-to-end transportation planning, and a WMS operates the warehouse. Then you have a big yard that needs to be managed, and you would like to collaborate on transportation with your carriers.The solutions you might have for this can be the best solutions on the market, but are they a team? Think about that for a minute.
Now imagine a platform with solutions covering warehousing, transportation, collaboration, and yard management all working together as a team. They work together as a team to create synergy. Standard, out of the box.
This is our Supply Chain Execution platform. In this session you will learn all about how it is the best team for an intelligent enterprise.


Andrea Ricciarelli, Strategic Advisor SAP
Collin Janssen, Strategic Advisor SAP