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How to improve your product portfolio?

10:15 - Session 1 - SAP Product Lifecycle Management as the strategic PLM platform for Müller.

Müller is a multinational producer of dairy products with a turnover of about €6 billion. It is one of the best selling yogurt brands in the United Kingdom and Germany, and had 24’300 employees worldwide in 2019. SAP PLM has been chosen as the strategic platform for PLM across the Müller group. Over the last years PLM has been implemented for all major businesses in continental Europe covering the major PLM processes from raw material management to recipe development and packaging development. Multiple dairy specific enhancements make it a powerful tool that supports day-to-day product development work and ensures integration of PLM into logistical processes.


Gramont & SAP

11:45 - Session 2 - SAP & Siemens

This session will cover the strategic partnership that Siemens and SAP have recently made in the domain of product lifecycle management and how it brings benefits to our customers.

October 8, 14:00 - Deep dive session on SAP Product Lifecycle Management

This session is a deep dive presentation on SAP solution regarding design: How does product development can contribute to the Design and Operate processes? How can SAP customers improve their product development performance and overall productivity thanks to SAP product lifecycle management solutions? How internal and external collaborations can be facilitated thought our the product development processes?


Luc Jammes, Strategic Advisor SAP

Matt Atherton, Strategic Advisor SAP