How to gain new product efficiencies and lower costs?

How to collaborate and analyse your manufacturing performance securely?

10:15 - Session 1 - Joris Ide: Benefits of combining the worlds of IT & OT

Intelligent production lies at the intersection of factory (OT) and business process (IT) technologies. This connection is one of the foundations of Industry 4.Now. Learn how Joris Ide Group used SAP MII to bridge this gap for greater efficiency, productivity and traceability.


Moviltas & SAP

11:45 - Session 2 - Bridging the gap between product engineering and production operations at a leading global defence organisation

In this session we will cover how to connect your PLM engineering BOM’s to SAP as Manufacturing BOM’s utilising SAP PEO (Production Engineering and Operations) by converting the product design into a production process design to serve as the basis for production order management and shop floor execution.
Capgemini & SAP

October 8, 10:00 - Deep dive session SAP Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, business process and solutions overview

Take a high level tour of the solutions SAP offers to manufacturers to deliver on their innovation and industry 4.0 strategies.  This session will cover the core Manufacturing topics of S4/HANA, including Planning, Quality Management and Production Engineering and Operations, which is utilised to handover design into engineering and manufacturing. The SAP Digital Manufacturing solutions will be demonstrated for both discrete and process industries, for on premise, cloud and hybrid deployment. The session will highlight the high-level use cases, capabilities and benefits of the solutions, delivering end to end business processes and value, to drive innovation, agility and operational excellence. 


John Robinson, Strategic Advisor SAP 

Paul Lasance, Strategic Advisor SAP