Improve your lead times and service levels. How to connect your forecast with your business planning.

10:15 - Session 1 - Howdens and Upfield cases. Accelerate your planning potential.

Developing a business case for Integrated Business Planning is imperative in demonstrating the value of the initiative and to justify the investment to internal stakeholders. Join us as Howdens share insights into their journey behind successfully delivering the IBP business case and how Upfield, who have already deployed SAP IBP, have been using the system to navigate the business during Covid-19.

Olivehorse & SAP

11:45 - Session 2 - Orkla Food Ingredients leveraging SAP IBP as a cross local-company planning platform.

Learn how Orkla Food Ingredients (OFI) has leveraged SAP IBP as an overarching template planning platform, which has been rolled out across local companies with different ERP systems, like Dynamics 365, MOVEX, etc. Learn how OFI has made a solid yet simple SAP IBP template enabling short roll-out cycles Learn about the benefits of one common planning system across local companies Learn about OFI’s IBP journey, incl. key learnings, and what the future could look like.


Implement & SAP

14:00 - Deep dive session SAP Integrated Business Planning: Plan for business resilience – a possibility or an utopian dream

In this virtual workshop, we will look at how companies innovate to create an adaptive organization, provide fast responsiveness and establish an informed supply chain where disrupting events and risk factors are identified, analyzed and mitigation scenarios dynamically created, updated and executed.


Claus Jensen, Strategic Advisor SAP